Hotel Schiff Constance

Host since 1272

Hotel Schiff Constance

Host since 1272

Timeline - the history at a glance


Foundation of the Kommende Mainau of the Teutonic Order.


Contract for an exchange of territory between the Kommende Mainau and the Reichenau monastery. In return for areas of what is now Switzerland, the Kommende receives Allmannsdorf and Staad from Reichenau Abbey. The property of today’s HOTEL SCHIFF am See is mentioned in the exchange agreement.

1414 - 1418

Council of Constance.


Constance becomes Austrian.


In a description of the property it can be found that the landlord of the “manorial existing inn” is called Sigmund Märk and also cultivates a vineyard in Allmannsdorf.


Mention of the pub in a joint ferry order for the shipmen to Meersburg and Staad between those coming from the Teutonic Order on the Mainau and the Cardinal Bishop of Konstanz.


Thirty Years’ War.


Commander Huntbiß von Waltrambs commissioned Jakob Heldt von Boll with the repair of the inn, especially the roof.


Conquest and occupation of Mainau by the Swedes. Despite fierce attempts, the Swedes did not succeed in conquering Constance.


New building of the inn.

1739 - 1756

New construction of the palace complex on the Mainau.


Transfer of the manor house with all accessories to the tenant Joseph Weber as inheritance.


Peace of Pressburg. The Mainau falls to the Grand Duchy of Baden. Instead of the commandery, an upper bailiwick was established on the Mainau. The “stately existing inn” becomes the “Landesfürstliches Wirtshaus” and later comes into the possession of Joseph Weber.


After the Mainau was initially sold to Prince Esterhazy, it was bought back by Prince Regent Friedrich, who had a wonderful park laid out. The Mainau becomes the summer residence of the grand ducal family.


Reconstruction of the inn with the addition of a large hall, which enjoyed great popularity in the following years. For this hall, the well-known Constance glass painters Lütz and Elmpt produce the windows with coats of arms of the Graf and Restle families. The windows can be found in today’s bar on the ground floor.


The Mainau comes into the possession of Count Lennhart Bernadotte through an inheritance from the Swedish royal family.


The Gasthaus zum Schiff is claimed by the French occupying forces and used for a number of years.


Installation of the new ferry port. In the course of the transfer of the land necessary for the port construction from the Graf family to the city of Constance, the Gasthaus Schiff became the property of the city.


The couple Josef and Resi Thoma lease the house under the condition of a contemporary renovation.


Completion of the renovation. The house is now called “Hotel Schiff am See”.


The hotel is acquired by Josef and Resi Thoma and later transferred to their daughter Elisabeth Sobaczinski and her husband Dieter Sobaczinski.

1969 - 1970

Extension and annex for the restaurant towards the lake.

1978 - 1979

Replacement of the part of the house facing away from the lake by a new building with more modern hotel rooms.

1990 - 1991

Renewal of the part of the house facing the lake.


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